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UNIX Web Hosting.

UNIX web hosting is a popular choice for hosting your website. Not including Linux, UNIX web hosting is far superior to other operating systems in its stability, and variety of resources available. The large number of open source packages that can be deployed on the UNIX operating system make UNIX web hosting an ideal choice for those who also want direct proprietary support from a legitimate UNIX vendor such as excellent Sun Microsystems.

Operating system

The UNIX operating system was developed by Bell Laboratories (now Belcor division of Lucent Technologies Inc.) in the early 1970’s. Over the years, it has been a popular choice for the US Government, and Universities, and is now extensively used across the Internet by phone companies, and public, and private corporations across the Internet. Its age and maturity make it a very stable option for anyone who needs a secure, safe, and well supported environment.

open source and UNIX hosting

With the large number of open source projects out there, and the ability for the UNIX operating system to run open source tools and applications, UNIX hosting and Linux are ideal for developing a project that uses a common set of tools that have already been developed. The open source tools were, in fact, first developed on UNIX systems.

Direct Support with UNIX hosting

We can host your UNIX machines using our managed web hosting services, or our dedicated web hosting services