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SSL Hosting Packages.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a protocol originally developed by Netscape for transmitting files securely over the Internet. It works by using a private key to encrypt the data that is being transferred via the SSL connection. Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Apple’s Safari, and the most popular browser: Mozilla Firefox all support SSL.

The SSL protocol is used to securely encrypt web traffic, and is very commonly used in e-commerce, subscription and other business applications. SSL is an effective weapon against the very real problem of online fraud. It provides the type of secure transactions that online shoppers have come to expect.

We recommend subscribing to this service, especially if you have an e-commerce or business application website. With SSL, your clients will not feel concerned when they make purchases at your site. Having SSL on your website will ensure the confidentiality of your customer’s information, such as credit card numbers and other sensitive information. The SSL Hosting Plan will help protect your business and clients from Internet data-theft.