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Managed Web Hosting Services.

If you need to have high availability, high bandwidth, or high capacity, and and high security, you do not have the systems administration skills to run a web server in house, then the managed web hosting is an option that you should consider

High Availability Managed Hosting

By removing specific single points of failure (SPF), we can increase the availability of your managed hosting in our secure site.

Multiple RAID hard drives and doubled components and network connections mean that one point of failure will not bring down your website, or email hosting. Other configurations include the ability to even duplicate whole machines into a virtual private server cluster.

We Manage High Bandwidth Hosting

The co-location site is perfect for higher bandwidth managed web hosting services. The co-location facility has a high bandwidth to the Internet through two different Internet service providers. This will make, for example, your streaming video applications, or heavily used websites work without slowing down your web surfers.

High Capacity Managed Hosting

We can offer large sized hard drive options that allow high volumes of data to be stored on the managed server.

High Security Managed Hosting

We have some excellent security options with our managed web hosting packages that allow you to safely house ssl, and ecommerce applications.

By carefully managing your servers, we keep them up to date, and therefore dramatically reduce the chances of vulnerabilities.

Through a maze of firewalls, we can protect your machine yet still let people go there from the Internet to look at your website, and send you email and other services