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How to transfer a domain from GoDaddy.

When a domain is transferred the name servers associated with the domain will stay the same (e.g., and However, as the domain is no longer with the Old Registrar, the Old Registrar’s name servers will stop responding to any queries for your domain. This causes downtime until you switch your domain to our DNS.
Check out how to reduce downtime in this case here.

Note: If you are using a third party DNS like your hosting company, the domain transfer will not cause any downtime issues (as the DNS server settings will not change during the transfer).

Before submitting a transfer request with us please obtain EPP code (if applicable) from GoDaddy and make sure that the domain is unlocked.

1. How to unlock your domain with GoDaddy:


    • Select the domain(s) to unlock and click LockGoDaddy3.JPG


    • Select Off radio-button to have the domain(s) unlocked and click Save


IMPORTANT: There’s also a 60-day lock that prevents from transferring domain names out of Godaddy when you update First name, Last name or Organization name fields for the registrant contact. Updating any other piece of contact information should not result in the 60-day lock. Please see more details on updating contact information for domains at GoDaddy here.

For cases when the 60-day lock has been put on a domain name, Godaddy has setup a special process to remove this lock. You need to contact Godaddy’s “Review 60” department at for them to look into the case and remove the lock if possible.

2. How to obtain EPP code from GoDaddy:

  • Login to your GoDaddy account
  • Next to Domains click on Launch
  • Click on the domain you need EPP code forGoDaddy3a.JPG
  • Click Email my code in the Authorization Code fieldGoDaddy2 updated.jpg
  • Check the information displayed and click SendNew_GD_UI_02.png

3. You would also need to disable privacy protection service for the domain (if it’s enabled).

How to cancel Domains By Proxy Service with GoDaddy:

  • Go to the Domains By Proxy website and login to your account (the login details are not the same as for your GoDaddy account. Look for the email sent by for the login details)
  • Select a check box next to the domain name(s) you need to disable privacy protection for
  • Click Cancel Selected, OR click on the cancellation icon next to the domain namedbp-cancel.png
  • In “Confirm” window click OKdbp-confirm.png

Once the domain name is unlocked and you have your EPP code you can initiate a transfer to Namecheap. Please refer to this article for more information on how to transfer a domain to us.

4. How to accept the transfers at GoDaddy.

NB: This step is required only after the transfer is approved through the link sent via transfer approval email from us.

Once the transfer request is approved and once the process is initiated at the registry level you can accept the transfers on the GoDaddy’s side to speed up the process:

– Log in to your Account Manager,
– Next to Domains, click Manage,
– From the Domains menu, select Transfers
– Click on Pending Transfers Out, select the domain name(s) you are transferring from GoDaddy and click on Accept/ Decline above

Accept – This option might speed up the pending transfer’s completion.
– This option cancels the pending transfer, which causes it to fail.

– Select Accept and click OK. The request will be processed within 15 minutes.