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Expired Domain Names.

Expired domain names or to be released .ca domain names (TBR) can be viewed at the CIRA TBR domain page.

For Canadian domain names, after they expire, they are put on hold for a period of time after which they are published to be released.

CIRA releases .ca domain names

We can re-register to be released .ca domain names by CIRA.

On the day that domain names are released, the domains can be registered for a limited period of time using a special procedure called TBR. After that time period, the domains can be registered like any other available domain name.

register TBR names at

Our domain registration service can register new, or TBR domain names.

dot-ca domain name life-cycle

  • registration life-cycle stage

    Upon domain name registration there is a 7 day period during which the domain name can be deleted. This life-cycle period is called the “add grace”. We provide a refund minus a small handling fee if you cancel a domain name registration. If a domain is deleted during this stage, the domain will be “pending delete” for 24 hours after which it will be removed from the system.

  • active life-cycle stage

    After the domain name is active, it will stay active until its expiry date

  • If a .ca domain name will expire on a particular date, and that domain is not renewed by that date, then the domain goes into the “auto-renew grace” period. Your domain name will stay active and without any input by the registrar (Computer Engineering Inc. O/A your domain name would just renew for another year.
  • redemption life-cycle stage

    If we have not received payment for your domain name by the expiry date, then we will “delete” your domain name, and it will fall into a phase called “redemption” for 45 days.

    During this time, the domain cannot be used for email, web hosting, or any other services. After the 45 day suspension period is up, if the domain is still not renewed, then it is published on the CIRA site as being “to be released”. During and after the “to be relased”, or TBR run, the domain is available to anyone on a first come first serve basis.

  • redeeming your domain name

    When your domain name falls into redemption, we will adjust your invoice and change your renewal term to 5 years. The logic is: “why charge the client a huge redemption fee, let’s just charge them for a longer term since they are having issues paying on time”. If you chose not to pay this, we will simply let your domain name expire. Please turn off the auto-renew flag in the domainsunder client area by pressing the green arrow to the right of the domain name in MyDomains.

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