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Ecommerce Web Hosting Provider.

We can provide you with SSL encryption, help you with your ecommerce merchant setup, aid you with shopping cart issues, provide the framework for back-end tax calculations, automated online shipping calculations, and even tell you how to save with off site ecommerce provisioning.

online shopping cart

Our packaged ecommerce online shopping carts are easy to set up, and simple to use. If you have inventory that you want to sell on the Internet, the experts at Computer Engineering O/A DOMAINSunder will help you out.

SSL encryption

SSL encryption is the industry standard for ensuring that your customers have a safe environment to do their credit card transactions. If you have ever purchased anything on the Internet, then you may have seen the “https://” prefix when you are in a credit card page. In fact, if you do not see the “https”, then you really should not be providing any sensitive information to that page. To provide SSL encryption, you will wither need a unique IP address, or use someone else’s SSL web page as in the off site ecommerce. We can design systems to take your orders online right on your own website, and the shared web hosting options are the way to go in these situations. If you do not need an SSL area right on your site, and you want to outsource the ecommerce portions of your site, then the off site ecommerce information below is what you will need to see.

Ecommerce Merchant Setup

To take credit cards online, you will need a credit card merchant setup. We can help you get started with this, and your bank is also a good source of information.

Shopping Cart

If you are selling muiltiple products, then you may need a shopping cart. We can custom build one for you, or you may want to use the canned versions that are available at a monthly cost at some of the off-site ecommerce locations.

Back-end Tax Calculations

If you are charging income tax, then there needs to be accountability for that in a backend database. We can custom build these tax tables and have experience with that if you need it.

Off Site Ecommerce

We offer an off site ecommerce engine, and have difference plans for that. In essence, you can build a website using our small site package, and then have links to a third party ecommerce payment gateway so that you do not need to run more costly SSL encryption on your own web page. Please call us for more information on these plans.